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  • The Sanctuary Papers — A bi-monthly column on oddments and tidbits form the natural history world. (Sanctuary Asia, August 2020- August 2022)

  • The Many Songs of the Sholakili — Endemic to the Shola forests of the Western Ghats, this bird has astonished scientists with its impressive repertoire of songs, possibly the most complex in the avian world. (The Kodai Chronicle, September 2022)

  • Little Wonders of the Wild — A curated photo story on the smaller, lesser-known residents of the Palani Hills mountain ecosystem, and why each of them are vital for healthy forests. (The Kodai Chronicle, December 2022)



  • Their Only Home — The Indian subcontinent is blessed with a unique mix of habitats, diverse geographies, and microclimates. Not surprisingly, hundreds of species are found here, and nowhere else in the world. (Published in Sanctuary Asia August 2021)

  • The Call of the Cheetah — As India prepares against all odds to bring the cheetah back to its wild, a speculation on the chances of success of this ambitious project. (Published in Sanctuary Asia December 2020).

  • A Country of Campaigns — A compilation of ‘development’ blunders that threaten to shake the equilibrium of the Indian subcontinent and leave us open to climate extremes and lethal pandemics-in-waiting. (Published in Sanctuary Asia August 2020).

  • Is this a Farewell to Vedanthangal as we Know it? — How a proposal to reduce the area of Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary, one of the oldest in India will cause irreparable harm to wildlife and people. (Published in Sanctuary Asia June 2020).




  • Meaningful Escapes into the Wild — Nature-based ecotourism, what is that? A  handful of immersive travel experiences in India that combine the best of nature and adventure. (Published in Sanctuary Asia April 2021).

  • A Walk in the Clouds — A photo travelogue wandering through the mystical state of Meghalaya, India. (Published in The New Indian Express, November 2017).


  • Book: Trees of Arunachal Pradesh — A field guide to the trees of the state written by Navendu Page, Aparajita Datta and Bibidishananda Basu. (Published in Sanctuary Asia April 2022).

  • Film: Kaliru  Kaliru is a nuanced, homegrown and honest film about human-elephant conflict in Tamil Nadu. (Published in Sanctuary Asia February 2022).

  • Films: Shaba, The Tracker & Sky Aeleans  As part of Alt-Eff Film Festival, reviewed three award-winning films made by international filmmakers. (Published in Sanctuary Asia October 2021).

  • Book: Leopard Diaries A memoir written by Dr. Sanjay Gubbi on his two-decade of research on the rosetted feline across India's landscapes. (Published in Sanctuary Asia August 2021).

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